Terminal Automation System

Our Terminal Automation Solutions give you complete control of loading and off-loading of product at your terminal or depot. Physical stocks can be reconciled with transactional records of receipts and loads allowing any losses or gains to be quickly identified and accounted for.

Our SmartTAS Terminal Automation Software integrates to devices from all leading manufacturers, giving our customers flexibility to use the Loading Computers, Access Control Units and Weighbridges that give the best fit for their terminal or depot: 

  • Provides safe and secure loading or offloading of product by automating road, rail, ship or pipeline movements.
  • Ensures that compartments are not overloaded, or loaded with the wrong product.
  • Controls Pedestrian and vehicle access to site by providing authorised personnel and vehicles with an RFiD card, PIN number or ID tag.
  • Truck Queuing can be used to optimise the flow of vehicles through your terminal, ensuring the optimal use of your assets.
  • Can be integrated with your ERP system to automatically download orders and upload transactional data for further efficiency gains.
  • Remote access means that you can automate even unmanned sites.
  • Allows for efficient management of co-mingled stock
  • Losses and gains can be accounted for and fairly distributed. For terminals who require high availability solutions, we can offer a range of Redundancy Solutions to fit your needs and budget. 

Using SmartTAS alongside our VTW Tank Gauging System and Bookstock Stock Reconciliation and Accounting Module can provide your terminal with a complete overview of all stocks, receipts, loads and transfers.