CheckScheme - Eliminate paper-based checklists

MHT has launched a new solution called CheckScheme that digitises paper-based checklists, enabling operators to carry out their checks quickly and efficiently with an easy to use app. Transform your vulnerable paper-based checklists and harnesses your existing data to track and optimise your safety procedures with confidence.

CheckScheme was created in 2019 when a client of MHT Technology, collaborated with them to find a solution with their current operations. The dangers of manual paper-based checks became evident to our client when they assessed their operations for risks. Despite years of experience, they recognised there is always the possibility of shipping the wrong product to a customer. 

How CheckScheme can help

Check Scheme raises your operational standards in every aspect of its design and gives you the ability to harness valuable data. MHT’s app for ATEX  certified Android smartphones gives clear and instant feedback to the operator, displaying a green icon for successfully completed checks and a red icon to highlight any errors made,  providing the ability to instantly correct the  mistake before the next stage.

Operators can verify they are at the right site location by scanning a QRcode on signage around the terminal. Individual pieces of plant equipment can be identified by attaching RFID tags to them, operators can scan the tags to ensure they are connecting the right loading arm or opening the correct valve.

Operators’ interest is maintained by gamification of checking order details. For example, a random list of customers is presented and the one relating to the order must be selected. For added safety, ATEX hazardous area Zone 1 certified physical controllers can be optionally  integrated to act as permissives. 

The operator simply presents the smartphone with a successfully completed series of checks to a controller to activate a pump, open a valve, or release a locked gate. The smartphone app features several security considerations including  PIN access, the ability to lock phones if they fail to synchronise with the server regularly, and  encryption of data between the phone and server.

CheckScheme makes your data more meaningful. It provides managers with the ability to mine data from an audit trail to analyse day-to-day operations, red-flagging vulnerable areas so they can target improvements on the most error-prone or most used procedures. Find the root of safety  issues with instant analytics from your checklists.

Say goodbye to handwritten, unreliable and misplaced paper-based checklists. It’s time you make your safety and quality processes more efficient. 

CheckScheme in Action 

The CheckScheme system consists primarily of a server, which can either be deployed in the cloud or on the customer’s own premises. Operations managers access the server using a web browser, and from there can configure and manage the site’s check schemes. 

The CheckScheme app is installed on Android mobile  devices, which are registered with the server over a Wi-Fi network. The Wi-Fi network does not need to cover the whole site, as the system is designed so that operations can be carried out without any immediate contact with the server.

When the phone is within range of the Wi-Fi network, it synchronises with the server, allowing the latest versions of the check schemes to be downloaded to the phone, and the activities the phone has performed to be uploaded to the server. 

By installing the Wi-Fi access point in the staff canteen, the operators can hand in their checklists and receive changes to procedures while enjoying their morning cup of coffee.

Safe Ops Process


The operator begins by scanning a QR code printed on the works order. The QR code is generated by either filling in a form on the  server or by integrating CheckScheme with  company ERP systems via an API on the server. The QR code identifies the check scheme to use, a reference number for the activity and the expected values the operator will give. The operator steps through the checks one-by-one, an incorrect response prompts the operator to try again, while correct responses confirm that the operator is at the right loading bay or using the right loading arm.

When the final check is completed successfully, the operator is given a clear confirmatory message. If a physical control is used, the smartphone is presented to the controller and a permissive relay is closed allowing the machinery to be activated.


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Latest News

StocExpo Europe 2020

In preparation for StocExpo Europe 2020, Tank Storage magazine will publish a ChckScheme Technical Feature in their December/January issue (Volume 15 Issue 6).

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Teesside University CheckScheme Demo Day

Teesside University students visited MHT for a Demo Day on Check Scheme November 2020. 

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StocExpo Europe 2019

MHT gave a number of live demonstrations to interested visitors at the recent StocExpo Europe exhibition in Rotterdam, Netherlands. A bespoke demonstration stand was created in collaboration with our parent company Endress+Hauser which showcased the interactions between each of the CheckSchem  components - the App, the Server, and the Controller. If you visited our stand, we appreciate your interest in CheckScheme and would greatly value your feedback.


At CHEMUK on 1-2 May 2019 MHT offered live demonstrations of the CheckScheme system. The demonstrations allowed visitors to scan QR codes on paperwork/locations and activate relays using an ATEX certified smartphone. The smartphone was also used to scan RFID tags integrated with real physical equipment instantly familiar to site owners and operators. MHT extend their thanks to Loadtec for allowing the use of their loading arms during the demonstrations.


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