LNG Tank Management System

Our LNG Tank Management System (LMS) and Mini Receiver provide an interface to LTD, level and temperature devices from all leading manufacturers. Our Rollover Prediction software ensures the safe storage of LNG and enables LNG to be sourced from different suppliers, giving terminals significant cost savings.

LMS is our Tank Gauging and Inventory Management System for LNG tanks and Ethane tanks. The system has been designed to fulfil the needs of Receiving Terminals, Peak Shaving Terminals and Production Terminals:

  • Live and calculated inventory data is displayed using an intuitive graphical user interface.
  • Real Time and Historical Trending is available.
  • Skin temperatures can be visualised on a 3D tank model, allowing the operator to quickly identify the location of any hot spots.
  • A comprehensive range of alarms can be configured to alert operators visually and audibly.
  • Our Rollover Prediction software can be utilised to identify stratification and estimate time to Rollover, enabling operators to take corrective action.  This enables terminals to optimise costs, improve safety and minimise the amount of LNG vented to the atmosphere.
  • We can provide a Redundant Configuration to provide high availability systems.
  • Modbus and OPC connectivity is available to interface to a host system such as a DCS.

‚ÄčOur Mini Receiver provides an interface to tank level gauges, LTD gauges and temperature transmitters from all leading manufacturers, giving our customers ultimate flexibility and control.

We can supply a Multi-Spot Temperature Multiplexer which is designed to accept up to 16 RTD inputs. This saves on cabling costs by dropping multiple inputs onto a single fieldbus in the hazardous area.

Our Field Display can be used at the tank side to give a live consolidation of data such as level, temperature and density from different vendor instruments.